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Thread: Version 0.6.2 of OpenRails is now available!

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    Default Version 0.6.2 of OpenRails is now available!

    The Open Rails Development Team is pleased to announce the interim release of Version 0.6.2 of its train simulation program. Open Rails is a completely new computer simulation designed from the ground up by a dedicated team of volunteer programmers, supported by rail enthusiasts and professionals throughout North America and Europe. It is designed to take advantage of today's technological advancements in computer hardware over the past decade since the release of MSTS.

    Please note that Open Rails is a WORK IN PROGRESS. Pre-release such as this are being released to allow the train-sim community to see firsthand the improvements and enhancements of Open Rails over MSTS, and also to allow the community to try out the simulator and provide meaningful feedback. The OR Development Team welcomes your comments and thoughts through our website or through one of the three forums at, or Elvas Tower.

    Download the new Open Rails at You'll find there the OR "Ready to Run" version, the OR source code for those interested, and the OR "Installation and Startup Guide" and "Operations Manual".

    New Features:

    In addition to numerous bug fixes and corrections, the following new features have been implemented in Open Rails Version 0.6.2. In addition to these, many more background improvements have been made to the code to enhance the performance and operation of the simulator.

    - Implementation of an OpenAL sound system to replace the current IrrKlang sound system. Doppler effects added
    - Improved F6 and F7 displays with sequential display of stations, sidings, and then both sidings and stations
    - Improved camera views
    - Additions and improvements to both Steam and Diesel physics
    - Dynamic track improvements
    - Addition of Work Orders
    - More realistic wheel/rail adhesion characteristics
    - Improved readability of in-game keyboard map
    - Animate doors (Q/shift-Q) and mirrors (shift V)
    - Camera #4 now stays with train until it has passed, regardless of length
    - Improved text font with Clear-Type enabled
    - Particle emissions fixed for ATI graphics card users
    - Free roam camera view now accelerates when going to higher altitudes
    - Improves display of car numbers and siding names. Text no longer overlaps.

    Currently In Process or Under Consideration:

    In addition to the above new features in Open Rails Version 0.6.2, here are a few of the many items we are currently planning or are actively working on:

    Yes, route and activity editors will be included in Open Rails in the future. A team has been chosen to explore the subject of editors and to put together a plan that will ultimately result in a route and activity editor that will put the existing MSTS offering to shame.

    A world class signaling system is being implemented. This includes not only just signaling, but all new interlocking and AI train control as well.

    Major effort is being spent on train physics in order to increase the degree of realism. A two-stage Eng and Wag file is under consideration where the standard, current parameters will be used by MSTS and an "extended set" of parameters (ignored by MSTS) will be used by Open Rails to achieve maximum realism in train operation.

    Currently Open Rails does not support different environments. This will change, however, as our "Environmental Team" studies ideas and establishes a plan to incorporate different environment modules. Even ideas such as being able to start an activity on a sunny day and run into a rainstorm aren't out of the question.

    OR's Sound Development team has made significant inroads into improving on the current MSTS sound system, but hasn't stopped there. They are continuing to explore the many options open to them by migrating to the OpenAL sound system.

    Model Building:
    New formats for model building are being explored in order to free content creators from the limitations currently imposed by MSTS.

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    Congratulations on this build to the team!! I must say, with just a couple more tweaks, I will be spending most of my virtual railroading time with OR. In particular, I am interested in the view system. I'd like to be able to "back away" from the train in external views 2 and 4. I think the default is too close to the train...but thats my personal opinion. I love the ability to change the time and cloud cover in the sim!! Great stuff.

    if I may make one small suggestion.. look hard at MSFS. Flight Sim has the view system and the ability to manipulate free flight almost perfect. You change aircraft in the middle of a flight, change the wx, the time, etc, etc. TS should be much the same.

    Great work here guys. Congrats!


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    Great news! Will try it this evening. Thank you!
    with kind regards,
    "It never hurts to help!" - Eek! the Cat

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    start work making multiplayer (include explore route)

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    I like that idea - like MSFS being able to shift weather would make it a more realistic experience. Perhaps you could have something pick up real-time weather from airports near the route if the run is done in real time -- MSFS uses a commercial arrangement I think, but NOAA might have data that could be downloaded too.

    It's not just being able to start in the sun and get showered. Changes can be bigger than that. If you're running Donner Pass or Feather River, for instance, you could start with sun and high temperatures (perhaps even temporary speed restrictions) around Roseville or Oroville, transitioning to thundershowers, hail, or even snow near the summits.

    Great work - keep it up!


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    I like the way the sounds have been fixed on the whistle/horn problem on continuously playing. It now works like it should. And the effects are also now better I guess that it uses part of the effects statements of the engines? Either way on how it looks. It's much better now than the previous versions.

    All we need now is to try to have better sky textures. It's nice, but it's still not looking real. Maybe if we can have a sky selector in the flavor of Kosmos we can stick our own stuff in there.

    Anyway, keep up the great work.

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