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    Red face plugins

    hey how can i export files from sketchup and 3d canvas and what are the plugins,plz suggest me steps to export them to railworks ? and is there any way to create locos in 3d canvas?

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    I don't use SketchUp, but I don't think you can export directly to Railworks. You have to export to another program which can export to Railworks.

    3D Canvas is now 3D Crafter. The Plus and Pro versions allow you to export to Railworks.

    Yes, you can use 3D Crafter to build locomotives. Here's a link to a 3DC tutorial for building a steam loco. It's for MSTS, but the building techniques are the same.

    There are other tutorials available if you search for them.

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    i have 3d crafter but it is not exporting to railworks how can i save and in which format,is there any plugin

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    Did you purchase the pro version of 3D Crafter?

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    no its free ware

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    That's why you can't export with 3DCrafter. The free version won't do it. You have to pay for the Pro version to get the export function.
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