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Thread: Railworks, 3DS Max, Photoshop CS, Scenery Design and Plugins. How on Earth...?

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    Arrow Railworks, 3DS Max, Photoshop CS, Scenery Design and Plugins. How on Earth...?

    I have spent what seems like weeks trying to sort out the tortuous route to designing custom scenery for Railworks; Buildings, Signal Boxes, that sort of thing, but simple.

    The route I am trying is as advised elsewhere, i.e.:

    - 3DS Max (2009 in my case. Maybe an error) for the model.
    - Photoshop CS for the textures.

    There are however some quite basic problems around the file structures that are causing me grief. Basically Where are the plugins/scripts for .igs and .ace?


    1. The pointers to "Art Plugins" for 3DS Max that allow export in .igs format seem to be old or non existant. Where are they? (And with what versions of 3DS Max do they really work?)
    2. The Export of .ace (Why on earth...?) in Photoshop CS is referenced as though it is a standard feature. It isn't. Where is the plugin.

    Sorry to sound tetchy but it seems a little as if the development environment froze some time ago and access to some of the links has long since passed.

    Could someone give me some specific links to the plugins I need.

    A few simple comments from your experience would also be really useful.

    Many thanks.

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    Scroll down the page to download the art plugins.
    3DTrains - Home of the Feather River and Sherman Hill routes for MSTS


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    (Ironically) after posting this thread I finally found the enclosed link which points to the Plugins.

    Lower left of page.


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    Many thanks.

    It's a Journey...


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