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    Anyone have a suggestion for a tutorial that covers the basics in the asset manager like creating consists? I have been a long time MSTS user and I'm pretty well use to the MSTS editor and now with railworks I feel like a complete newb and totally lost.

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    I must say, I could use a little helping hand with the asset editor as well/ asset manager. Trying to build my first train car for
    the game and hoping to be able to do the blueprints and finally get it into the game to be freeware.
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    Download the Rail Simulator Developer Documents.

    For Consists: 6.06 How to create a consist operation instruction.pdf
    For Wagons: 9.02 Create a wagon.pdf

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    I've read that and it isn't a lot of help. My SOURCE folder is completely empty and it doesn't explain why or how to populate it.
    (This is TS12 I'm talking about here )

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