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Thread: Rapidly change spawn point

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    Default Rapidly change spawn point

    Is there a way to rapidly change the spawn point on a map, for example a "cut & paste" method.

    Whenever I try to make a new scenario on any given map, it usually spawns me (in editor) out in the green plains quite some distance from the actual route.

    Is there any quick ways to rapidly change the spawn point, or do I have to spend an hour of click & drag?

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    Default Quick but not eleghant

    I just pick an existing scenario that is somewhat near the area I wish to write a scenario for. Open that scenario in the "edit mode." Use the arrow keys to "fly" to your exact location for the new scenario. Then select the icon for a scenario ( middle fly-out panel left side ) and place it at the desired location. You may be asked to save changes to the current scenario ... answer no and you are in business. Remember to name the scenario on the new Right side fly-out panel. If you forget you will be reminded the first time you try to save your new scenario.

    I am sure that others will have a more elegant solution but the above works well. Just remember to place the new scenario icon before you start making changes.
    Jim Friedland

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