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Thread: Where are my newly-created activity files?

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    Default Where are my newly-created activity files?

    I recently downloaded and installed the NS Piedmont route. It comes with three built-in activities and the rolling stock to match. These work. Not a new route, but it's very good work....congrats to the builder/developer!

    I wanted more starting points (there are none provided the eastern half of the route) so I started creating some free-form activities with simple paths just to get these additional starting points (I used Spencer Yard, Haydock, Durham, Asheboro, and Raleigh's Glenwood Yard).

    When I opened MSTS and selected this route, these activities appeared and were operable.

    When I attempted to backup this route to my external drive, those new activities and their starting points did not transfer. When I examined the relevant folders inside the Piedmont route folder (Activities, Paths, Services--I used no Traffic) on my C: drive, my new work was missing. No new paths, no new activities, no new services.

    Back to MSTS. Selected NS Piedmont and ran my new activities. They appear in the menus and work as I built them (how--from their invisible files???)

    Surely these files exist else can MSTS run an activity associated with them?

    Background: my computer is Windows Vista home Premium, five years old. NS Piedmont is in a "mini-route" with my other Scalerail routes. I suspect that this is a registry problem of some sort, or perhaps a permissions problem. This mini-route launches without Windows asking permission first.

    I've searched for the files in Windows Explorer, and come up empty.

    I THINK I've used Route-Riter to set the MSTS path to this mini-route installation, but I'm not a RR guru by any means.


    L. W. Shell

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    In Vista they are put into a folder in Your user area called \AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Train Simulator\

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    Quote Originally Posted by joebandit View Post
    In Vista they are put into a folder in Your user area called \AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Train Simulator\

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your response was "dead on."

    Thought I had searched all of the C: drive, but missed that one somehow.

    I've now MOVED the files in question to where those things normally go. And where they always have gone in the past. I've been doing this for several years, and have never seen files go into Vista-Limbo like this before.

    I guess my next question is WHY were the files stored in the Users area, not the ( normal for MSTS ) program files area? Some new update "feature" of Windows? Some security setting I had unknowingly placed on this specific route or this mini-route installation?

    Thanks are another example of what makes this sim community a great place to inhabit.

    L. W. Shell

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    This tutorial also applies to vista:


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