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Thread: RailDriver and the XBox controller

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    Smile RailDriver and the XBox controller

    Out of curiosity I got an XBox controller (used, rebuilt, on sale for $15) so I could try it with TS2013.

    My RailDriver works fine with the GP9, F7, K4, SD-40 and ES44AC. When pulling a long consist it does have the irritating habit of momentary drop outs on the throttle, which can either be irritating, or mess up something more serious when using dynamic brakes down-grade, for example.

    However, the RailDriver fails to work the train brakes on the SD-70, and the "High Speed Train First Great Western" (that's how Quick Drive listed it) the brakes seem to be working OK but the knob on the HUD doesn't move.

    However, the XBox controller always works with every locomotive I've tried, and never has (yet) had a "drop out." With a little practice the XBox controller is fairly easy to use, though (just like with the RailDriver) sometimes I still need to use the keyboard or mouse and HUD to do something.

    What seems to be missing for the RailDriver is what I very vaguely remember with MSTS (which I had about 8 years ago). I thought there was some kind of interface with the RailDriver and MSTS that let one select which locomotive was going to be used, and then the RailDriver was configured OK.
    Am I imagining this? Too bad this doesn't exist for RW2013. Or does it, and I just missed it somehow?

    - Ted

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    Main problem with MSTS is it had no built in interface for any kind of controller, so PI had to kludge something. Clumsy to me, having to exit the game and exit and restart RSmanager to change from electric to steam or even GP38 to Dash 9. Railworks and Trainz have the interface built in, so they automatically change parameters to whatever loco you're running. Last time I tried RW (2010) the DB294 switcher with the combined throttle brake didn't work right, and all the later versions of Trainz have only one steam loco engine physics spec that responds to Raildriver, so obviously there's still more work needed on the software for both games. Trainz works differently from the other two in that it aliases common things instead of having them in the files for each individual loco, so (for example) you have 37 GP7 high hoods, 41 GP7 low hoods, and 26 F7As, instead of a physics package in each loco all of them will use the generic EMD 1500HP engine specs. (Unless you wanna get crazy and change one of them to use GEVO specs and the horn from a tugboat or something.) If somebody without a Raildriver (heathen infidels!) uploads a new physics package which doesn't respond to RD, your only recourse is to fix it yourself or change the loco to use a similar engine spec that does work (burning the guy at the stake ain't legal, I checked).

    So that's probably what you're facing unless you simply want to wait, find a similar loco that works perfectly with Raildriver, open up the BIN files for that one and the busted one, try to figure out why one works and the other doesn't.

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    I had read that this issue seems to have cropped up in RW2013, so it must be something in their program that was changed. from 2012.

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