Keep getting n00bs with assorted problems, after a lot of backing and forthing many don't even know what a file extension is - XP has "Hide extensions for known file types" on by default, so a new computer user sees pretty pictures instead of file names.

That's the best place to start, find out what your operating system is if you don't know already, buy the book FOR YOUR OPERATING SYSTEM - if you have Windows Vista, for example, don't buy the Windows 98SE book, buy the one for Vista. And read it.

Basic basics, so I can point people to this thread, open Windows Explorer (not the same thing as Internet Explorer, Windows Explorer is for managing files on your own computer instead of over the web) and you get pictures.

They're adorable, but not very practical. First thing click on Tools, then Folder Options;

Click the View tab, scroll down to the "Hide extensions for known file types" and click the checkbox to UNcheck that, then click Apply.

Next click View, Details, so you're looking at actual file names. Choose details you can click name, size, type, and Date Modified, that makes it easier to look for files - click the "Type" tab, for example, and all the files ending with .txt or .jpg are grouped together.

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