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Thread: Uninstall BIN from one mini route only?

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    Default Uninstall BIN from one mini route only?

    Here's my situation, and I hope someone can give advice so I don't accidentally mess something up...

    I originally installed MSTS and applied all patches and updates including the latest BIN. After that I started setting up mini routes using Route Riter since I had noticed a lot of hangups as I added more routes to the original install. I've recently gotten the Donner Pass route and had it set up as a mini route - and just now got the storm of 1952 add on for it as well. From what I understand the activities with the rotary plows don't work with BIN installed (which I confirmed when I tried to run one of them).

    So, that brings me to my question... Since all of my mini routes were "cloned" from my original installation of MSTS which already had BIN installed, can I run the BIN uninstall from my Donner Pass mini route folder and have that not effect the main installation or other mini routes? I'd just like to remove BIN from the Donner mini route only and not the others so I can run the activities - but I want to make sure I effect ONLY the Donner mini route and not the others or main install.


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    MSTSBin keeps a backup of the old train.exe as train.0001 in a directory called MSTSBinbackup under train Simulator.
    You just need to rename the train.0001 to train.exe and copy it to the train simulator directory and say yes to overwrite.


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    An elegantly simple solution - always the best kind! Sure enough I swapped the backup .exe into the mini route and the activity worked fine. Thanks!

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