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Thread: Computers compatible with World of Subways Vol.3

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    Default Computers compatible with World of Subways Vol.3

    I was on the TML website reading the system requriements for World of Subways vol.3 and the site said that a GeForce 9800 series graphics card
    was needed to play the game. Can anyone tell me a computer with a 9800 series graphics card? I checked on the internet but couldn't find any.


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    You do not need to make multiple threads about this. One thread is all you need. Now, answer to your question about computer for WOS vs. 3, any computer with graphic cards better than 9800 series should work better. It depends on how much money you are willing to spend.
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    I just got WOS3 and it ran terribly on my new PC. I knew the Graphics card I got was not very good, so I replaced it with a GeForce GTX550 TI. Now I am getting about 60 frames per second and the game runs fantastic. Card cost me abut $130.

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