I've been slowly working on upgrading my "IndustRail" route.

From time to time I take a train ride to see how it all looks. I always use Cab Mode for driving but rather than ride in the cab (the 1-key view) I use the external view (2-key).

This time I decided to use the JointedRail BNSF SD70MAC that I purchased about a month ago. WOW!~! - I was so blown away by the cab that I stayed in the 1-key view for the entire trip. And I thought I'd like to share the experience with a wider audience.

So the following shows about 9 minutes on the eastern section of the route, heading south.

Note the accurate rendering of the SD70MAC electronic display screen in the cab, including brake pressure displays, speed, throttle position, traction effort, acceleration and deceleration rates ... . It's an absolutely superb piece of kit.

The sounds are excellent too. Listen to the engine noises, traction motor whine and the air compressor cutting in to recharge the brake reservoir.

Most brake applications on this run were made with the independent locomotive brake. It is only towards the very end that the train brake is used to slow down the consist.

The video is best viewed in full screen and HD.