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Thread: Frisco 1630?

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    Ahh you said perfectly Jim, but actually I think all of the 2-10-0's stayed here. But acutally, the caton 2-10-0 (in the 2nd pack with the 2-8-0) would be a bit better for 1630.

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    Thank you for considering making a model for all of us.

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    sburr, so are you considering making a model of her?

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    He hasn't replied, so I'd interpret that as a "NO". However, in the library has a good 2-10-0 that could be a stand-in for a 1630. And on another note, you should try and curtail your requests a bit. It gets tiring reading through all your "gimme this, do that" type of posts. There's a great old adage that applies perfectly here. "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." Start learning how to do reskins on your own; that's how all of us started. Who knows, you actually might like it.
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    i get what your saying so i want to ask RailfanML how do you create great repaints

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    Quote Originally Posted by 3751fan View Post
    i get what your saying so i want to ask RailfanML how do you create great repaints
    It's all in the .ace files my friend, all in the .ace files... Literally.

    Your best bet would be getting a copy of the free program TGAtool, and use that to send .ace texture files into paint or another image editing program you use. Once the texture is in the editing program, make the changes you want, save, and export the .ace in the correct format. You might want to learn how to adjust .eng and .sd files to suit your purpose, just for your own sanity's sake.

    Great repaints depend on what you put into them, some people use photos to texture their equipment which looks excellent but takes quite a while.

    Reskinning is nothing hard, I could probably do a re-lettered 1630 in under 20 minutes and a more in depth repaint in a couple days. Nothing compared to the month and a half it took me to put my first custom built steam locomotive into the game.
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    Sure you could reskin another engine, but would it have wide tires and destroy a self-guarded frog?...

    For the youngsters.... Decapods were built to Russian gauge, so the drivers are physically wider by ~2" on each side.

    It's one of the reasons the IRM's engine will never go off property (aside from the fact that it has also been down repairs followed by a a 1472 inspection).

    Here's a second hand description of what happens...

    When ****** rode the 1630 up from Oklahoma, at every yard he would ask if they had self-guarding frogs or point protectors. Everywhere said "No" until he got to EJ.

    The yard crew taking the train in was asked. The Conductor who came into the caboose said "Self what? Point what? "

    ****** said it was like a bad SitCom -- seconds later he heard loud, ugly sounds and looked back thru the front door to see 1630 jumping around.

    He ran to the back door to see the self-guarding frog they just ran thru. "LIKE THAT -- LIKE THAT !!!!!" "Oh yeah, the yard's full of them, with protectors" of course meaning point protectors, essentially a point version of a SG frog. Both of these devices have metal above the top of the rasil head.

    ****** said that as they ran up the lead it was like this:

    Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, crack! Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, crack!

    Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, crack! Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, crack!

    He watched in horror as they ran up the lead, bouncing over every frog and snapping the bolts off each point protector. They stopped them mid-yard, backed up and went out on the main with 1630 to avoid trashing the other end of the yard.

    Needless to say, the EJ yard track crew was happy to see the 1630's markers disappearing into the sunset.
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    Actually, I Am making a reskin of 1630 using Dick Cowen's Canton 2-10-0

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    Did you look at the date on the post you are replying to?...
    I'm like an old SD9; It Growls, Howls & squeaks...but it will run forever!

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    This is the Model, i just need to make a better Outlook with some extras, like a Frisco namplate

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