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Dirt, grime and slow decay. Smokestack USA.

A UP 9000-class three cylinder (note the animated valve gear for the centre cylinder) 4-12-2 steam locomotive on a short switching trip with coal hoppers. One of the hoppers unloads at the rotary coal dumper.

The 9000-class locomotives were the main freight engines of the Union Pacific from the delivery of the first locomotive in 1926 until the debut of the Challengers in 1936.

The 88 members of the 9000-class were the largest successful rigid frame locomotives in the world. They could pull 100 to125 freight cars at speeds of 50 mph or better.

The Trainz version is payware by "The Cowboy's Old West and Locomotive Works". The hoppers are by RRMods and the route is IndustRail.