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Thread: Pesky annoying error messages about scenery

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    Question Pesky annoying error messages about scenery

    So I recently fixed a problem with MSTS crashing which was bugging the hell out of me, and now, just my luck, another annoying problem has been introduced. I'm getting annoying error messages whenever driving on the PRR Eastern region route about scenery objects. Last time I checked I downloaded the route completely, but MSTS just doesn't get that. I seem to be having scenery issues with the Boston & Maine route and the NS Pocohantas district as well. (constant error messages). And it wasn't until about a month ago that i started getting error messages on the NS route. Before that it was fine and not a pain. the B&M route I downloaded completely then got right on it. With the PRR Eastern region route I downloaded everything before even loading the route (all updates, fixes, etc) and yet I still get error messages. Sometimes I wish there was just a way to stop them from coming up! All they are is annoying. So my question is, could someone tell me how to get rid of them? God help me if there's a problem after this...

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    What are you system specs: memory, operating system, etc?
    How do you have the routes installed? (mini-route etc)
    Do you use Bin mod, memory switch, soundcfg.dat mod, etc?
    Text of the error messages and their location.


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    We can't help you if we don't know what the error messages are. If you can post them word-for-word, that will help us.
    Nick - Creator of the Virtual Railroading Review Show

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    Ok I will try to post them here but the PRR route is as a mini-route and the rest are just normal. Since it could take me a while to post them I am just gonna say now that they are all error messages about scenery whenever I reach a certain point in the route (or even when starting the route) that ask me if I want to continue or not. And if I press yes then the objects aren't there. There have been cases when these scenery objects are either bridge pieces or factories, so when I click "yes", that results in me running over rails on a bridge that are over nothing, or passing by a trail of smoke that is not coming out of any chimney or factory.

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    If it's happening on the PRR Eastern Region, chances are that your computer is running low on processing resources. You probably aren't missing the files in reality, but your computer is too overloaded and cannot place them.

    What are your computer specs?
    Nick - Creator of the Virtual Railroading Review Show

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    Well in that case Nick what should I do, yet we're not sure if that is the case since I am running it fine until it gets to a specific point in the route.
    Anyway, I actually am not having problems with the NS Pocohantas route, just the B&M and PRR.
    Here are the error messages I'm getting on the PRR Eastern region:
    "Error: continue? No extended shape data for su_cnjlqsem_homedistant.s"
    "Error continue? failed to open shape file" (The shape file name was something similar to the one in the error message above)
    B&M error messages:
    " Error: continue? Failed to open texture file ...\Boston & Maine\textures\CoveredB.ace"
    "Failed to load: CovBrg.ace"

    I would like to stop these error messages from showing up and repair what is causing them. They are annoying and ruin the experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Train-a-Mania View Post
    If it's happening on the PRR Eastern Region, chances are that your computer is running low on processing resources. You probably aren't missing the files in reality, but your computer is too overloaded and cannot place them.

    What are your computer specs?
    And no my computer is definitely not the problem, I have 8 GB of RAM and my computer is pretty up-to-date. When installing the PRR eastern region route I heard some of the suggestions on what my computer should have to download & install the route, and my computer has them.

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    Have you looked in the Shape directory (PRR Mini Directory) for file? If it is not present, find and copy it form anywhere you can find it. Same for the CovBrg.ace file in the texture directory of the PRR route. If it is not present, it may be an installation problem. These errors pop up only when they are called to be loaded - when called during train sim operation as the scenery object is called for, not during startup. Route Riter - check route may find these errors.

    If they are present and have no errors, I can only assume that it is a memory problem. You can always try running a single activity using the Mini-Loader by the same programmer of Route Riter.

    Edit: I might add that by memory problems, I do not mean that you do not have enough memory, it is just that this is an old program and has built in limitations regarding memory usage. It matters not how much physical memory you have available, TSM can use only so much. That is why using the Mini-loader may help.
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    After having been asked repeatedly what your computer specs are we finally know you have 8GB of memory which means squat because MSTS can only use 2 GB anyway. Please re-read post #2 and answer buttercups questions in full and detail. When your asked what the error message said that mean a verbatim quote not a paraphrase of what you think it said. Help is available here and gladly given but if your going to try and evade or ignore what is asked for it will be extremely difficult to help solve your problems. I understand the error messages pop up and disappear if you click OK so you have to write them down as they show on the screen. MSTS is a finicky old gal that loves to sneak up and slap you on the back of the head. We just have to take things one step at a time there is no "quick fix", information requested is vital if you want help.

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    To further answer your question, my operating system is windows 7. And I guess it was an installation error, because those files are not there. Would anyone be willing to upload them? The exact file names are below.

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