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Thread: Which Routes Would You Love to Have?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JamesDavey View Post
    I am the biggest fan ever of the Coast Starlight so if they ever did the portion of the Coast Starlight route that runs between San Luis Obispo, California to San Jose, California that would be cool. That would be the route I would love to have for train simulator.
    Don't give Jeff any ideas! He might just build it! That stretch is "only" a bit more than 50% the length of the current Surfliner 2 route...

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    To add a little international flavour, I'd like to see the BAM line, that's the Baikal Amur Mainline, it runs a little to the north of the Trans-Siberian. Most of it is unelectrified and is the stomping ground of the 3TE10 units which seem to make your average ALCO look like it has a clear exhaust. The gradient profile is pretty busy, too.

    Bob Wirth is still chomping away at Chico's route so we should get to Chicago eventually, something I'd love to see.

    The other route which could come in 'old' and 'new' flavours would be the Cincinatti, New Orleans and Texas Pacific - aka 'the rathole'. That could be kind of fun.

    p.s. to Rick.....

    Better start working on the Pony Motors, Flatirons, Jets............

    Not to mention a DL109 in a multitude of liveries (I like the Cranberry).

    We can dream.....

    onen hag oll!

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