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Thread: UP-Gila Sub

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    Erik, thanks for doing these routes and the sacrifice of time and effort required to do it right like you are. It's a shame there are so many rotten apples out there pursuing their own selfish vendettas which hurt the rest of us. Keep your head up and keep up the good work.
    Steve Burr, PE - Clinton, MD
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    This route had taken the back burner for a while, but forum member UP_4848_Thunder asked if he could take a stab at doing signals and speed limits. He did an outstanding job.

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    The signals and the distant mountains look great! Is it your intention to leave all of the nearby terrain as it is using aerial imagery, or eventually replace the textures right along the track with higher resolution TERRTEX? My dad shot a lot of pictures up on Maricopa Hill just before the UP merger. I find this rugged, remote desert scenery to be interesting, so I am pretty interested in this route!
    ~Sean Kelly~

    MRL Mullan Pass for ORTS

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