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Thread: RDTrain Fix login site errors

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    Unhappy RDTrain Fix login site errors

    I registered on the German Language site to download the RDTrain Fix program but upon attempting to login, It keeps giving a incorrect username or password error. Is there anything wrong with the site? I really need the program because of incompatible issues with the Raildriver program on my Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit operating system. I've had the program before on my old Windows xp 64-bit system. Please let me know if the site has any technical issues. Thank You.

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    I just registered, the site is easy to navigate with Google Translate, but I was having an issue accessing the actual download. It took my user name and password just fine after a click on the contained link in the e-mail confirmation. I sent off an e-mail to find out how to access the download itself.

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