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Thread: I need ideas for a new RW freeware modelling project, please

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    Thanks for the suggestions. For now, I'm fully occupied with the AT&N 2-8-0 Consolidation, which will probably keep me busy until the autumn/fall.

    Keep in mind that for any rolling stock project, it's absolutely essential (for me anyway) to have scale engineering drawings available, as well as plenty of reference photos. I was lucky enough to come across a very good one for the 2-8-0, besides which I bought copies of the actual engineering drawings from Lima Inc.

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    FM H 1-/12 44 or any FM. It is a under modeled loco builder.

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    But, can anyone tell me how to make autolights inside the locos so that it will glow only in night and then stops glowing in day time automatically

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    PA-1 PB-1 units. To date no Payware outfit has come fourth. Seen some stuff in the works on the RWA forum but so far nothing. MILW Little Joes. Again, someone was building one but there have been no further updates on it over at RWA and it been a good 2 years. D&RGW 3600 steam engines, 2-8-8-2 types called L131 and a second class, L132. Personally, I vote for the D&RGW steamer. Outside of Challengers, no big RG steam has been designed for a simulator of any kind that I know of. Seen many good detailed photos of the 3600s. Don't know about drawings/blueprints. Pete Willard made the fonts you need. Texture I'd be unsure of...... Many pics are B&W. But I've had success on a few occasions using one of those online color converters for B&W pics to make some nice textures.

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