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    One important problem of MSTS, to me, is to build a switch of curve in a mountain area, because of we only have two pieces of 500 m or 1000 m of radius and 20 degree. These pieces need a space of 174.5 m or 349.1, respectively. I made one switch and its complementary, with several pieces equivalent to double track pieces of 300 m of radius and 10 degree and 500 m of radius and eight degree.

    For example, I put a double track piece of 5 m, then one de A1Pnt6dLft.s, A1t250r10d.s, A1t190r1d.s, A1t250r1d.s, A1t1mStrt.s, 4 x A1t120r1d.s, A1Pnt6dLft.s and the end the piece we need. We complement with a piece of A1t5mStrt.s and several pieces of A1t500r1d.s until 8 degree (5+1+1+1).

    Do you know other method?

    Thank you very much, Estanislao.

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    You can use zero degree (0deg) switches inserted in a curve. Sharper radius curve makes the divirge path.

    There is a VISUAL problem; No frogs where turnout rail crosses main. Some are alright with that. I am not and just play around like you're doing until I get something that is close to the original prototype.
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    I've done the same as Estanislao and Vince, mostly to preserve the visual.

    Thinking along the lines of the rail joint discussions, would it be an option to create a few frog pieces and guards in GSU or GMAX so that the 0d's would look better?

    You wouldn't eliminate the gaps where the rails cross, but it would appear "more correct" visually.

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