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Thread: Further OpenBVE developments

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    Exclamation Further OpenBVE developments

    Hosting, support, documentation, and downloads have been moved to

    Development is continuing, expect some exciting progress in the next couple of weeks!

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    So, finally a new version was released by Odaykufan. V 1.4.2 removes all references to managed content, and reverts back to the classic content structure.

    I personally only recognize Odaykufan as the official developer for openBVE. All those "community" builds or efforts are unofficial in my eyes. The same counts for Anthony Bowden, who is not an official developer (even though Odaykufan & Bowden himself claim so), due to too long inactivity.

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    When you make definitive statements try to get your facts right - AB *was* deeply involved with OpenBVE, and whether inactive or not, it doesn't change the contributions he's made. He's still developing his UkTrainSys plugin among other things, which is a cross-platform plugin, unlike the 'old' UKxx.dll ones. Until or unless Odakyufan makes a statement to this effect, you're just blowing off steam. Besides, you could try spelling his name correctly !
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