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    Default Project Seligman

    "Project Seligman" is a Railworks route project mainly done by me that aims to recreate the Seligman Sub.

    The Seligman Sub is a significant line to Santa Fe and now BNSF's system, being mostly located in northern Arizona and going through vast diverse terrain, as well as being adjacent to highways 66 and 40. I'm making the route as the first route to feature the transcon since the default Cajon Pass.

    I would like it set from the 60s to present, although there will be details that are chronologically mixed. Currently, I laid track from Needles to somewhere west of Peach Springs, where there is a missing terrain gap in a vertical tile row.

    Phase 1 would cover Needles to Kingman, but I going to Phase 2 currently, to Seligman. Later on, Phase 3 reaches to Flagstaff and Phase 4 finishes the route at Winslow. I might want to release the route early once Phase 2 is done, quite similiar to MSTS's payware route of the same coverage.

    All track and road is created by 3DTRains using ScaleRail and Scaleroads.

    Lastly, the route should have a number of structures that aren't modeled yet, like the stations, few landmarks, and the bridges. At least for the 1st and 2nd phases, I need someone or few doing models of the El Garces, Kingman depot and watertower, the Havasu in Seligman (yes, of course), and enough "SANTA FE" girder bridges that should make up the Topock bridge.

    And lastly, I am doing hard work over scenery, tracks, and roads every day, so quick already since the project started last week!
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    More images, with Yucca and Kingman shown.
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    Here are more images in Needles, with some recently applied work. The yard appears to be complete, but few sidings are missing.
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    Shaping up quite nicely. This will be another must have, thanks so much for your efforts.

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    Default Kingman

    I brought more images of Kingman, now with a lot of work applied like in Needles.

    And one more image featuring the display track, where ATSF 3759 and its caboose are in display. Only the caboose is placed, as there's no model appropriate for the steam locomotive yet.

    Kingman looks lonely without the station, watertower, and 3759. But Route 66 is there.
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    Looking good !

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    I'll be gone from home to northern California and possibly southern Oregon in a big trip, so this post should maintain my frequency on the updates for this project. The images are taken between Hackberry and Seligman.
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