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Thread: Train has no sound in activity

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    Default Train has no sound in activity

    When I start the activity up the player locomotive has no sound, it also has some locomotive sitting around on a "ready track" which I think might be the reason why, but im not sure how do solve this problem.

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    Most likely the problem is with the locomotive having an invalid sound alias. You can confirm that by going to explore mode and choosing that locomotive. I suspect it won't have any sound then either.

    So here's how this works, in brief (you can find out more by doing a search in these forums or looking at the tutorials at . . .
    The locomotive has a .eng folder that lives in the folder within TRAINSET in TRAINS that contains all the files for that locomotive.
    You can open the .eng file in a text editor (such as WordPad) and see or change it.
    There are two (usually. Sometimes three) locations in the .eng file that reference the sound file (which has a .sms suffix) -- one for the cabview (inside) and one for the engine sound (outside). You can see what they are set to now and then find that location and often figure out what the problem is on that basis.

    The reference to the .sms file will be in two formats, either something like SOUND ( thefilename.sms ) or SOUND ( "..\\..\\Common.Snd\\BLW\\GP9\\ALIAS\\thefilename. sms" )
    In the first version, it's referring to a file in the SOUND folder of the locomotive files. That file usually refers to other files and if they are out of place it could cause problems. You can also open .sms files in a text editor. The second version is referring to a file in another location besides the SOUND folder. It can be anywhere, though many are in the Common.Snd folder. If that's missing it's not going to work.

    So it may be that the locomotive is expecting a sound package to be installed and it wasn't. You could fix that problem by simply installing the prescribed sound package. The odds are it is a free download from It may be it is looking in the wrong place.

    Knowing about aliasing sound files is a great skill to have because it allows you to swap out sounds for better ones. There are an awful lot of files that simply refer to the default GP38 or SD40 and an awful lot of really lovely sound files that have been made by skilled sound artists that are available in the file library. You just have to download them to the right place and then change your .eng file to refer to them (or put the new .sms file into the SOUND folder and change the .sms file name to the same as what was there before). You'll notice the improvement as soon as you start experimenting!


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    Christopher gave some great suggestions. Chances are that if you have one engine that has a bad file path, then there will be others that will cause problems with MSTS working correctly. I would not even think of installing downloads to my MSTS without having Conbuilder Pro to check for errors. In addition to what Christoper said, it could be something as simple as missing quotation marks in the sound file path link or the parens. If it links to the Common.Snd folder, then that will mean that you have to download a specific sound program and install that into the Common.Snd folder that is found in your Trainset folder.

    Bob Edwards

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