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Thread: Help needed for a newbie

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    I am age 71 and just now starting with Railworks. I desperately need a "Railworks for Real Dummies". I have found 3 items that will eventually be of help, but I need something that starts with step #1. I have "Train Simulator 2012" which probably means that I have the wrong program??? I downloaded RW Tools and when I run it I am told I need "Serz.Exe which is not in my system". I have tried to contact the author but my email keeps getting rejected. Where do I find Serz.exe? Maybe I am too old to take on a project like this.
    Thanks in advance to anyone who responds.

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    Hi, if you have some knowledge of navigating the program files, what you need to do is go to your main directory for TS 2012, called "railworks" and locate the file named "Serz.exe" to copy and paste that into the RW-Tools program folder.

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