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Thread: SketchUp Axis Lock - What and How

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    Exclamation SketchUp Axis Lock - What and How

    When building an object in GSU sometimes you need to move a component or an endpoint using the Move/Copy Tool.
    This can prove difficult at times, the object or point seeming to have a mind of it's own, jumping around and generally behaving badly.

    You can 'LOCK' the object or point to move on a single axis!

    The Keyboard Arrow Keys.

    Left Arrow -- Lock to Green Axis - MSTS Z - North/South
    Up Arrow ---- Lock to Blue Axis -- MSTS Y - Up/Down
    Right Arrow - Lock to Red Axis --- MSTS X - East/West

    Position the Move/Copy Tool (crossed arrows button) on the point or component you want to move. Left click and without moving the mouse, Press and release the selected keyboard arrow key.

    The point or the selected object/component will now move only along a single axis.

    I dont know if this is general knowledge here but as I was renewing the Sharpie Marker lettering next to my keyboard Arrow Keys; G B R I was wondering if this make it easier tool was known and so this post.
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    Thanks for sharing that Vince !

    Been using GSU for a couple of weeks now (after the help given to me by yourself, noisemaker and Doug) and have experienced the frustration of trying to move and align objects. I had suspected that there must be a better way than trial-and-error, this tip should bring my blood pressure down a good way !

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