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Thread: Missing file in Route Riter

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    Default Missing file in Route Riter

    I installed Route Riter yesterday, and when I opened it, it said a file called AceIt.exe is not there in the folder. I did a search on it, and a file called AceIt appeared, but the type was an Application. Is there any solution to this. Also, I noticed that in the BNSF Releasable ES44DC folders, the sound files and cabview files are already in there after I downloaded them before I installed the units. Would it be able to work if I made a consist?
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    AceIt is a file compression utility. TGA tool uses it to compress texture bitmaps for re-painting locomotives and Route-Riter uses it for compressing terrtex files etc...It has to be in the folder along with Route-Riter. When you installed Route-Riter, there should have been a secondary install routine pop up for ACE-it. Check to see if it was installed into a seperate folder (called ACEit)...if it was, simply copy the ACEit exe into the Route-Riter main folder...if it wasn't installed, you need to check file permissions on your main Route-Riter folder and run the set-up again. other install routines that pop up during RouteRiter's install are for TS tools...BOTH have to be installed in order for RouteRiter to work....also make sure you have at least ver. 6 of JAVA installed! To use ANY locomotive in the sim, it has to be in a won't even appear in your list of drivable units if its not the lead unit in a consist.
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