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Thread: No speed readout on some Trainz Add on routes.

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    Default No speed readout on some Trainz Add on routes.

    I have had Raildriver for about a week using it with Trainz TS12. On a couple of routes I have added in, which work correctly, I get no speed read out on RD. It stays at zero. Has anyone run into this. I have checked all the session settings in the routes in question, and they are all correct. One of the Routes is Florida East Coast Railroad for TS12, another is the Watseka and Kankakee RR. Both of these have been downloaded in the last couple of days and this is a new install of TS12. Windows 7 PC, and everything works fine on other Routes.

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    Found the problem today. It was the engines that I was using. I purchased a pack of 3 Jointed Rails SD 80 Mac engines and was using them on my add on routes. Turns out that they don't work well with Raildriver. Switched to another engine, and everything functions normally. Found a couple of other engines that it does not give a speed readout with, usually 3rd party engines.
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    What I found is Raildriver apparently takes speed info from the speedometer needle in the cabview. That's why I changed my C-41s to use the clone of the "Big Steam" cab, whatever cab the engine uses has to have a working speedometer or no speed display on the Raildriver LED. Did that for some other engines that either had no speedometer or even no cabview at all.

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