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Thread: The Personal Politics of Run8

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    Default The Personal Politics of Run8

    From the pointed jabs of Marc Nelson to the diatribes of the Open Rails afficianados, from the folks with hundreds of dollars of MSTS payware to the Railworks eye-candy fans, it's clear that there are a lot of personal politics involved with those who are criticizing the Run8 simulator and the small team of entrepreneurs who put it together. As an outsider who has tried every commercial train game/alleged simulator that's come out for the last 12 years, from TM4 to Run8, It's obvious to me that there are a lot of people with agendas and closed minds when it comes to their choice of game/simulation product. I don't always know exactly what those agendas are in every case, but it's clear they are there. The cynics who have used their opinions to criticize others at this and similar forums aren't happy that they can't play their personal political games on the Run8 forum, so for whatever reason they are bound and determined to see it fail. As for me, having made a good start up Run8's steep learning curve, and having found the product to be the best railroad simulation I've ever seen, I think it's good for the Run8 community that the cynics have been banned from the private Run8 forum. It may cost the Run8 team substantially in eventual profit (if any), but based on what I've seen in 15 hours with the product today, the last five of them totally immersed in the feel and the sounds of running a 6,000 foot intermodal train from Bakersfield to Barstow, I can say this with certainty...Now that I've found a real railroad simulation, I'm not going back to playing with train games. To those who prefer to play personal politics, your loss is my gain.

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    Have fun with your simulation. We'll keep on with building models, routes, repainting, etc. over here despite all of our apparent bitterness.

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    I think the RUN 8 folks, getting on forums and acting like they are the cream of the crop sim drivers and the rest of us a bunch of morons that just like to play games and aren't really serious, is not going to win alot of fans for Run 8. Frankly the idea of spending an hour or even five minutes cranking up a loco and then looking at desert scenery with no AI, or anything else going on sounds pretty darn boring to me. Still not one screen shot from anyone. I have a feeling it probably doesn't look so hot, and they don't want to get laughed at. You can't see a video on their website unless you sign up.... What kind of crazy marketing is that? And no sessions, you have to count on Multiplayer to get anything happening besides driving your own train. Forget about, sounds like a major hassle to me.
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    Could somebody please just remove my membership here.

    Seriously well said by the way.

    I'll go help the people now who want to learn something new, and leave you to build your models. Sorry to have disturbed you. Made you cry. Whatever else.

    By the way the politics go straight to the top here too. Guess we're too bad to be heard on the wire. Have fun guys, I'm done.

    Please talk behind my back all you want, I really don't care any more as I've wasted too much effort. It's a shame that all of us just can't get along. Funny how the Mophouse forum I don't have any issues with anyone there and they are not huge Run 8 supporters.
    They have very talented route builders like AlcoTed and people who love to touch up scenery like Noisemaker, and the list goes on and on. Yet their moderators don't put up with the crap that TRASH-SIM has become.

    Please remove me, delete this post (the truth hurts doesn't it)

    I feel sorry for those that like the other sims who aren't interested in Run 8 that are caught in this political nonsense.

    Again DELETE ME after 12 years (yes I rejoined once) I'm done



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    Would suggest if you want your membership removed Sean, you PM a mod or email Nels not just post randomly in the boards.

    In all seriousness though Sean, rather than bad mouthing those who have concerns about Run8 - whatever aspects - shouldn't you actually be trying to convince those of us sitting on the fence that it is worth giving a try? I fit in exactly that category - I look at the screenshots and think, ugh, Trainz CE scenery and switches but then read that the sound of actually crossing those switches is awesome! Likewise getting the locos to start, but once running apparently an amazing immersive physics experience. Criticising the complainers is not the way to sell something!

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    I have to agree.. As someone else sat on the fence and not involved in this political (bit of a big word. I think we mean toy throwing from both sides) I cant get a clue what the product is actually like because no ones convincing me of anything about it.. Every comment from both sides is just childish nonsense..

    Now thats fine if were talking about some freeware .. But isnt this suppose to be a commercial release..

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    Well regardless of the politics I have decided to take the plunge and order it. Better to judge from actual experience and it is only the cost of 1 x RW DLC.

    Unfortunately as Southern California is still asleep this time of day, I have to wait for the download link to get the software and activation code.

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    Well 24 hrs have passed and still cant decide on a purchase,very mixed reactions from different users.I guess its down to the individual and what he/she is looking for from that given simulator.
    Two weeks ago I purchased DCS Combined arms a pre pay beta,and ive just learn't the start up procedures for the SU25T,it's a steep learning curve but i keep going back for more,I like it...just what a simulator should be like.

    I'm just waiting for one of Verns reviews,someone who tells it like it is......all this negativity has sort of put me off.


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    I'm not going to get into making statements about what some have referred to as "politics" (?).
    I don't carry a flag for any particular rail-sim, and like the author of this thread, I've been around since MSTS was released and was involved in the first Trainz product.
    So I've seen my share of what has been available over the past decade or so and up until this morning I had TM4, MSTS, RW3 and OR installed - and I use them all.

    Over the past few weeks I've made some strong comments about Run 8 Studios and their somewhat peculiar approach to creating and promoting their product.
    I was (and still am) banned from their forum for some reason - I can't even remember what it was but I do know that it was, in the overall scheme of things, somewhat paltry.
    I was also somewhat vocal about the lack of AI in R8 and the arrogant attitude of the lead programmer towards providing AI.

    Last night I bought and downloaded R8, fired it up this morning and spent a frustrating time trying to fathom how even the most basic things were done.
    I criticised the lack of proper documentation and the narrow-minded attitude by the R8 executive that in order to get help you could go to the forum, where your questions would be answered.
    Great if you are a member, pretty pathetic if you aren't.

    A gentleman in this forum popped up a list of the things that are part of the start-up procedure and, with that knowledge, I then spent another few hours operating a heavy train from Barstow to Mojave.

    Run 8 is without any shadow of doubt THE simulation of operating a heavy - very heavy - train across a Class A railroad.

    Forget the graphics - they are totally unimportant and just act as stage dressing.
    Ignore the crappy (by 2012 standards) railroad track, the lack of frogs and what-have-you, the 2-D ties (sleepers) and the arid expanse of sandy desert populated with sagebrush and the occasional Joshua shrub.
    All of these are just there to act as a background because if you have ever played TM4, still regarded as a masterpiece of simulating the dynamics of a heavy train, this is the 2012 equivalent.

    Run 8 will NOT appeal to those who want switching - and neither did TM4 - but it is right up the alley of those who want to "feel" what it is like to be in charge of a long train and how you handle it as you negotiate the route.
    Using the lower of the two experience settings involves a reasonable learning curve; what it is like at expert setting I can only imagine.

    Single play?
    Well, although it feels as if you are the only train in the world (which you are, in fact) after a while you don't notice because you are so intent on controlling the thing.
    But you can simulate "ghost" traffic just by throwing some signals against yourself and/or switching yourself into a passing siding. All that you are missing is seeing other traffic but I found that it really didn't bother me.

    There are 50+ "sessions" or consists/locations from which to choose, so you have a bit of scope. Bear in mind that many of these start at the same location but most (all?) of the trains are different.

    For those who like interacting over the internet in real time and can take the time to sit in on sessions then they will have a ball.
    After all, this is what the developers set for Run 8 .

    I cannot see any reason why it would not be possible for the developers to provide AI, even if it were nothing more than "trains passing in the night", just to provide a feeling that the solo player is not, after all, the only person on the Tehachapi route.

    In summary, I like Run 8.
    Some aspects I like less than others, though; the lack of proper instructional documentation is inexcusable for a $40 product and is the biggest negative, by a big margin. That, and the arrogant off-handed manner of the developer regarding support.
    To a lesser extent, it is a shame that AI is non-existant and also that (as far as I can work out) you cannot save your location when you want to have a break. You can pause, but that's not quite the same.

    But there is one thing for sure - this provides me with the best feel and sensation of operating a diesel-hauled heavy train since I fired up TM4 back in 1999.


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    Bruce, you are obviously not one of the guys with an agenda, that I referred to in the OP. You gave it a try and you found pretty much the same thing I did. Thanks for the validation. My post, now that I have thought some more about it, was aimed mainly at Run8's competitors, and especially the guy at 3DTrains, who apparently seems to be carrying out some kind of public vendetta against the 3DTS folks. I know his attitude means he has lost any future purchases from me, but that was pretty much guaranteed a few years ago with some of his own practices that affected me. And I wish the OR folks success, but it galls me that people who think stuff should be free also think that the consumers who would like to use their stuff should avoid any payware competition out of ???? Love of socialism? Dislike of capitalism and entrepreneurship? I would probably not be brave enough to adopt the Run8 business model of "we don't want customers who don't want us," as I like to make money as much as the next guy. But I like their product, and I have longed for the combination of true railroad simulation and real multiplayer for a long time. Now that it's here, those with personal agendas ought to just shut up, IMO, and stop bad-mouthing those who seek to combine a devotion to the railroad hobby with the desire to make a little money and to do it their own way.

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