Just a quick note that my license to use Run 8 has been revoked by Run 8 Studios (and the purchase price refunded) due to my unacceptable "harrassment and childish antics" on the Run 8 America forum prior to the release of the sim. Mea culpa!

The cancellation of the license followed an email I sent to Run 8 requesting their advice on how support for the product would be provided for those who cannot (or do not want to) access the Run 8 America forum, to which I received the response, quote "P*SS OFF!".

This was then followed up with an email from Brad in which he informed me that "we are refunding your purchase so please remove our software from your PC and take your business elsewhere. Your licence to use our software has now been revoked."

So technically, whilst I can still use this program, legally I cannot. I will, however, continue to follow its progress with interest.

In summary, it is regretful that this situation should come about because of two different attitudes (theirs and mine) towards a dictatorial forum, but that's life and what remains of mine is too short to be overly concerned about a piece of entertainment.

Just a note of caution to anyone contemplating buying Run 8; don't rock the boat.