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    I generally do not post in this forum, though I do spend some time here when I wish to purchase a new train simulator or look over reviews. I guess I like to do my homework before I buy and see feedback from developers.

    Having tried the RUN8 product now and having used MSTS, Trainz, TS2012 etc etc I would like to offer the following comparison for those thinking about purchasing this product. Perhaps I may be able to offer something to those other people trawling these forums and wondering what to buy.

    Great program 'for its day'. I've gone back to use this a few times whilst venting frustration against other products you certainly realise through the look at feel of the product that it is dated.

    This has probably been the best 'simulator' since MSTS. The physics are believable there is a large variety of downloadable content and the graphics are good. The signal system is generally ok. Still you can't help but feel this is a game rather than a simulator. The content management system is in depth and takes a while to get the hang of, it becomes more difficult when you download 3rd party products or products for older versions of Trainz.

    This one I love and I hate at the same time. This game is without rival as far as eye candy goes. The super elevation, weather modelling and general look and feel of the product are (as yet) unsurpassed. Sadly the program is heavily let down by the physics and doesn't truly represent a simulator but rather a game. That being said it is a very good game and offers regular updates and allot of good quality downloadable content. The game can be quite hardware hungry depending on how much eye candy you want. I guess that represents the currency of the game engine.

    Finally someone has stepped up to the plate and produced a 'train simulator'. THANK YOU! The physics are excellent and the modelling of the loco systems are better than anything thus far. There isn't allot of downloadable content as yet however I'm sure that will come. The eye candy is reminiscent of Trainz and certainly not as spectacular as Railworks. That doesn't worry me too much though, I'm all about the realism over the candy. The signalling system is manual or operated by a dispatcher. To be honest I'm over AI signalling which has never really been perfected so this is a breath of fresh air. I hope the developers continue their work in progress with this product, it has huge potential.

    The download system is manual.... ie someone emails you a link to the download. I think that may be restrictive in future but worked perfectly for me. The only hiccup I encountered was that Norton AV told me that the execute file has been flagged as potentially harmful and would not let me install. I had to download the product a second time with the anti virus protection turned off. This may be caused by disgruntled clients..... I'm not sure.

    Currently I'm heading down Tehachapi Pass with 3 sets of distributed power and I'm loving the ability to interact with the different power sets. At the moment I've got 100% dynamics on the lead units and I'm moderating the dynamics through the DPU control on the loco multi function displays for the middle and end power units. This way I'm able to bunch the train up against the lead units coming down the hill.

    Earlier I stopped the train on a hill because I had not set up the locos for DPU operation correctly. When taking off I must have done some damage to the couplings because the various detector units were 'giving me a good talking to'. This is not something that I have seen modelled as well in the past on the other sims.

    The brake system is also modelled very well. A full service brake application will see you stuck on the rails for quite a while as you wait for the compressor to resupply the train with air. This is also something that has not been accurately modelled in the past.

    So to sum it up. If you want a good train game with lots of fruit. - Buy Train Simulator 2012/Railworks.
    If you want a realistic simulator. - Buy Run8.
    If you want something in between which has heaps of downloadable content. - Buy Trainz.

    Please don't come in here and whine because you wanted a game but purchased a simulator. Personally I am loving this product and the different challenges it brings. I'll be sticking with this one I think. I'd like to thank the RUN8 team for setting a new standard as far as train simulations go.
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    I think you left out some important features that are lacking in Run 8 in comparison to Trainz and Railworks. AI, scenery, only one route, you totally alone unless you use multiplayer.
    You can't:
    - build a route
    - create scenario (no AI available)
    ... In other words it is a closed product.

    Without Multiplayer, it gets pretty boring very quickly. As far as the "Game " issue, they are all games. It's just that the established games give one alot more variety, flexibility, and don't rely on multiplayer to bring some life into the game.

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    Well I quite like old Run 8, but like Bob feel it needs to grow fairly quickly in several directions if it is to flourish. Even the MP enthusiasts will get tired of driving back and forth over Tehachapi, eventually.

    As regards the rest, MSTS is still worth firing up now and again, but it's not very stable even with the Bin patch installed, one too many consist file and it all falls over unless you resort to Train Store. Driving seems flat and sterile with no superelevation or cab sway. The Editors now of little use as few of the essential utilities like Demex install on 64 bit and generally unsupported - though it appears the guy who created is still happy to take money for a full licence. TS Tools didn't even work on XP. And as Open Rails still hinges on MSTS providing the essentials, that's ruled out too unless they make their own editors.

    Trainz is what I'm currently using for route building but the driving experience is still fairly poor. Little effort to replicate real world physics and having to route find and throw switches yourself should have been taken out years ago.

    Railworks, or from 2o Sept the sim formerly known as Railworks does the eye candy but as being discussed at length is pretty much now regarded as a train game, with realism taking a back seat to what sells DLC to make money for the businessmen behind the project.

    In conclusion, Run 8 has tremendous potential but the developer needs to seize on that if it is to go very much further.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bobsk8 View Post
    As far as the "Game " issue, they are all games. It's just that the established games give one alot more variety, flexibility, and don't rely on multiplayer to bring some life into the game.
    The one I use is a simulator. All the rest are games. That is how the whole community basically feels.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mdeming View Post
    The one I use is a simulator. All the rest are games. That is how the whole community basically feels.
    The "whole community". Interesting and you are getting your statistics from where?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bobsk8 View Post
    The "whole community". Interesting and you are getting your statistics from where?
    It's called "having been around here for more than a month"

    We've seen lots of "my sim is better than yours" discussions here. It's sorta like trying to convince an [insert politician's name here] supporter that (s)he's incompetent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mdeming View Post
    The one I use is a simulator. All the rest are games. That is how the whole community basically feels.
    Man it must be nice to have mega-thousands and be able to buy a simulator!... But if you're referring to Run 8, I hate to break this to you, and the "whole community" .... But it's a game.. The same as, as you put it, all the rest are..

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    Um I was being sarcastic. I have seen countless threads like this. Mine is real all the rest are fakes. All of them, run8 railworks and all of it many variations, msts trainz bossanove view etc etc ad nauseum are all choo choo games. 99% of these threads end up in a flame war. Geeze I guess Ed is the only one who got what I was saying. Ok go back to your phallic comparisons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mdeming View Post
    Um I was being sarcastic. ...
    If you've been around thousands of threads like this then you should, by now, have realised that sarcasm is impossible to convey in the written form unless the word "sarcasm" is added to the statement.

    In real life, sarcasm relies almost completely on vocal inflection & body-language to be effective, which is why children don't get sarcasm and take everything literally; they have yet to learn the signals.


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    Seems like a fair comparison but I wouldn't have given Trainz as much credit as you did. Personally I found that Trainz offered me no interest at all in any way and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. If someone were looking for something that was more of a "get in and drive" kind of game, I'd just send them to Railworks.

    I think Run 8 is respectable in terms of it's physics and functionality but it obviously has some way to go in terms of additional content and content creation. I wouldn't call it a "closed sim" as someone else said as this was not the intention of the developers. Tools for editing game content simply were not finalized in the interest of getting the core game out. One does have to keep in mind that Run 8 is tailored more towards "professional simmers" with an interest in multiplayer functionality. If you go into it expecting to run activities/scenarios on your own like you would have in MSTS or Railworks, you will be disappointed. I have to admit that even I have my reluctance to buy the simulator at this point because I don't consider myself a "professional simmer" neither is multiplayer my main interest. I'm willing to give it some time for content to grow, editors to be released and AI features to be added if they choose to do so. Even still the features that they have included thus far excite me greatly and give me plenty of wishes for the future.

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