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    Default Random screens....

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    Monolith Cement...

    Unit train spotted up just south of mojave...

    working at Boron...

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    As a frequent DS, I notice more and more people coming into sessions and requesting locals. Run out to Boron and from Mojave up to Mono are popular. Had to turn down a request for the Mono Turn once because somebody already had it. Some people spend an entire session switching the multiple industries at Edison. MP is more than just route running. Locals and switchers often have to ask the DS for permission to throw switches or occupy main tracks, just one more element that makes it seem like you're really running a real RR.

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    Very true, especially if you load up either the fall or summer session. There is more than enough for people to do. I have been moving trains around on the summer session for a week now by myself in single player just for a few hours at a time and cant get enough.

    Work some locals, take cars to the yard, build a train, take train to wherever, return with more cars. its never ending really.

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    Nice shots.

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    The desert is NOT flat...may be more challenging than straight up or down the hill for maintaining speed.

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    I heard that next up for Run 8 is a set of Amtrak P42s, a set of Superliners, and a SP GS-4. I hope that next up is a different route or an earlier diesel.

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