I have helped Dudley on this route by fixing some track bumps and grinds, and putting in signals
according to the best NS practise that I have access to, and by adjusting a few things to improve
frame rates.

Name: KnoxHarr (name of routes root directory) Knoxville_Harriman in routes list of MSTS
Version: 1.0
Location: Eastern Tennessee, between Knoxville and Harriman Jct. by way of Clinton
Bridges: Many
Tunnels: none
Signals: Yes, for the most part using modern bridges
Mileposts & Speedzones: yes
Talking Defect Detectors: yes (clips edited from those on Yoder's Pocahontas route)
Length of line, 53 miles, with several long passing sidings, all under TCS control.

This should be a relative easy route to download and install. I will probably use the
"UHARC" function in RouteRiter which creates a self extracting archive. As the installed
route, uncompressed, is barely 500 Mbt, I would expect the route to compress to as
little as 150Mbt.

The route requires X-tracks and NewRoads, and has been tested on build 41 of the tsection.dat
file. Presumably it will also operate with newer versions (if any) but possibly not older. The
route has been tested under winter conditions to some degree, but is not "guaranteed" to fully
operate except in summer sunshine. I don't believe there are any M-tracks items in it, but my
own routes will require that, so if you don't have it, it is in the library and a great item to use.

Knoxville to Clinton comprises the NS "C" line which continues past Clinton to Jellico and was once
the route of the ARCO unit coal train before that mine closed in the early 90s. This line is not
modelled beyond Clinton "Y". Clinton to Harriman Jct. is the NS "D" line with mileposts
continuing from the "C" line This line will be a challenge to operate and stay within speed limits
as it has always been noted for its "hogbacks" and in the real world slack is a big issue. When the
unit coal train operated, it used mid-train DMU equipment and still struggled up Copper Ridge
eastbound (i.e. loaded). At Harriman Jct., this line connects with the 3rd district of the CNO&TP
of which version 1 is in the library, also by Dudley. I have version 2 and will be tweaking it
for later upload.

Prototype operations include a lot of Intermodal. When I worked for the Southern, 1965-78,
we tested this line every 60 days, and there was at least 4 intermodal trains then. The most
notable of these left Harriman Jct. in the late afternoon, carded through Knoxville to Asheville,
NC and on to Spencer, NC. The operation was interesting, in that when SR-219 left
Cincinnati in the early morning (usually 7am), it carried two caboose, one about 2/3 back in
the train, the other on the end. Crews used the rear caboose until Oakdale, TN, but there
the outbound crew boarded the middle caboose. 6 or 7 miles later at Harriman Jct., this
crew cut-off the rear of the train, simply by closing the angle cocks and yanking the cut lever.
Within 5 minutes, SR-219 was headed for Chattanooga, Atlanta, & Jacksonville - it would arrive
in Jacksonville by 8am the next day, 25 hours or so out of Cincinnati. Meanwhile, another set
of road power would come out of a siding and set up on the head of the former rear cars of
SR-219. Crews would board the engines and caboose and in 20' or so it would pull out for the
east. SR-219 arrived at Harriman Jct. before 5pm, or somebody's head would be on a platter
the next morning.

It should require about 2.5 hours to make the run with a light intermodal train from the Jct. to
Sevier Yard in Knoxville. Given that Sevier is a large hump yard, Dudley did not attempt to
model all of it, but the result is very good, and has the right "flavor". I've been in that yard
(legally) perhaps 50 times and it just "looks right". A heavy drag, or unit coal train might
take 4 hours to make the run, with close to an hour consumed getting over Copper Ridge.

Here is Dudley's comments:

First and most importantly let me thank my friend and collegue Jerry Sullivan for his work
on this route straightening out all my messes as arookie and all his advise. Jerry i owe you
my sincere gratitude for your assistance .

and for all the people who supplied secenery objects i used as free downloads , without
this route would not have been possible

The NS K&O line is a connector route from Roanoke Virginia to points westward via
Kingsport[Bristol] Tn. to Knoxville and then from there which we depict in this route to the
connector of the NS cnotp 3rd division at Harriman Jct. at Harriman TN., where it runs
that line to just north of Danville ky. then heads west to Louisville Ky. to all points west .

This route shows the 56 miles of track from the John Sevier yard in Knoxvile to Harriman
This route will see several ridges crossed three to be exact that keep even the best engineers
on their toes to prevent run-aways and keep from snapping couplers on the mentioned ridges
that must be conquerd.

Traffic on the line sees some long coal trains , two daily intermodels both directions, a couple
of grain trains each way , and of course daily manifest trains as well..All in all about 12 trains
a day is a busy day here .

Every train with over 60 cars if only three loco's on the point have to be pushed from clinton
over copper ridge to powell heading east, and coal trains westward and freights that are 65 cars
in length need pushers from sevier yard all the way to the top of mullin ridge three miles
west of downtown clinton.

In Clinton the local switching crews there handle all the daily movements as far as switching
several industries there for local pick-up.

this is a great area to rail fan because of the pushers needed and limited sidings only
three between koster and harriman making all trains usally meeting others .Have fun
with it and let me know what you think at [email protected] if you wish

keep on simming

Dudley (Dean) Evans