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Thread: Metro North M2 in the Works

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    Cool Metro North M2 in the Works

    Hey Guys,

    Yesterday I started messing around in GMAX with no plans at all, and about 10 hours later I had the start of what in my honest opinion is a pretty decent Budd M2. Feel free to give constructive criticism and leave me any information you know about the M2's for when I need to write the ENG file.

    Since you need to lower the pantographs on the New Haven Line route and keep running, I intend to make the pantograph operate when you open/close the mirrors so that your train doesnt stop.

    (Sorry about the grainyness of the renders, I set the compression a bit too low for upload lol)
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    It looks pretty good so far, although I'm no expert on the M2.

    By the way, what ever happened to that DM30AC you were making?

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    I could never get it to export from GMAX for whatever reason, i tried close to 50 times over a week long period and I retextured the entire model multiple times, GMAX just kept crashing on the export

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    Looks pretty good-unforunately I don't know how longer those M2s will last in MNRR service...
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    Looks good indeed!

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    I usedto work for Metro North, am now retired. These were the only electric commuter cars along with the Japanese M3's that operated on the New Haven Line. Great job so far. Hopefully when we get the route they were used on these will make the route almost complete. Keep up the good work and hope to see these cars running soon.

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    You need the EMU traction effort and stop and go stats??? I maybe can help you...I work on the New York subway as a motorman... I haven't been in the MSTS world in about a year or so... I have been doing stuff in the Openbve world lately.. This should be an easy find.. Great job so far...Inbox me for what you need...

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    I thought I would leave you guys with a render, I am done with the modeling and I am about to begin texturing and wrapping things up on the production side before I start putting it "in game"

    constructive comments are encouraged!
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    Kurras, I have in my collection both an M-2 and M-4 operator's manual. Maybe the M-4 manual could be of some use to you. PM me if you'd like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EMD E8A View Post
    Kurras, I have in my collection both an M-2 and M-4 operator's manual. Maybe the M-4 manual could be of some use to you. PM me if you'd like.
    I have scans of the M4 operators manual. Thats what I have been going off of, but thanks for the offer

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