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Thread: adding buildings in Railworks using 3D Crafter.

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    Default adding buildings in Railworks using 3D Crafter.

    I am making a simulator in Railworks. I want to add some buildings (ex: roundhouses, turntables, etc.) using 3D Crafter. Does anyone out there how to do that? I have never done it before.

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    Yes, I know how, if you texture the building correctly with bmp textures I can show you exactly how to do it. Once past the texturing and sizing parts the rest really isn't all that hard for scenery modeling.
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    All right. That is fine with me. I hope you'll help me on this. I do need to know how to make designs.

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    I too, am very interested in texturing models for railworks. I have 3d Crafter and Blender 2.64. I make the models using Autodesk Inventor, then converting them to .stl to import into 3DC, but I lose it when it comes to applying textures at all, say nothing about making them correctly. I found out the solid modeling is a lot different than modeling within Blender and 3d Crafter. I have virtualy no experience in setting up materials within these programs. I too would appreciate any help you could give me on this as well.

    Thanks in advance..

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    There is a long list of 3D Crafter tutorials for Railworks at the link below. Don't be intimidated by the many topics - buildings are usually simple shapes so you only need to master the basics before you start. There are two tutorials specifically on buildings at basic and intermediate level which I'd recommend.

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    Default Re: adding buildings in Railworks using 3D Crafter.

    Thank-you... I will check these out.

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