A comment from the Run8 forum on my most interesting session as DS yet, and my responses:

pensfan17 Fri Oct 26, 2012 7:44 pm
By far the most enjoyable session I've been apart of! Awesome 6 way meet at Cameron. 6 hour 15 minute run from BAR to BAK. Thanks Kent for hosting, and to all involved. What an outstanding session!

flarrfan wrote:it will be hard to duplicate the remarkable 30 minutes or so yesterday when six trains converged on Cameron. I'm sure some engineers thought they were in an LA freeway traffic jam instead of running trains on Tehachapi Pass!

And thinking back on it now, actually was seven trains. A perfect storm...66's Z train and Al's KT manifest from Barstow, with the ILBOA from Palmdale all going up No. 1 to get around the slow grain from Sanborn and the empty tanker from Fleta on No. 2, while two EB's were going through Tehachapi. The seventh train, one of the EB's, was just a little farther behind due to a re-crew.