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Thread: The Southwest Chief: Emporia Sub

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    I'm working on a Southwest Chief activity pack that runs from Kansas City to Los Angeles. This is from testing on the Emporia Sub. If you are interested in this project, check out my thread called "Get Ready" in the activity design forum for testing and updates.

    Rolling out of Kansas City.

    One of many farms.

    Stopping in Lawrence.

    And away we go.

    Coming into Topeka.

    Downtown Topeka

    Going through one of yes, many towns.

    Passing intermodel at Emporia.

    And a little while later we arrive into Newton.

    That is it for now. If you want to view all the pictures, you can view them here:
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    Hmm Emporia sub Aka the Transcon.I railfan this line in La Plata,MO!

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    Indeed, well some of it, the Southwest Chief likes to take a detour here to get to Topeka. I have another route that should go from Kansas City to Fort Madison, but stops short 20 miles south of La Plata. I'm sure you caught the Southwest Chief a few times.

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