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Thread: MSTS HUNGARIAN ROUTE; Budapest Szolnok V 1.0

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    Default MSTS HUNGARIAN ROUTE; Budapest Szolnok V 1.0

    Hello Moderators Esq

    After installation, the route appears in the MSTS folders and also the editors and tools page. But this doesnt appear
    on the list of routes when the simulation is launched for playing. I have X trcks, new roads and also the msts bin.
    While loading the edit mode, it throws out error msg " failed to load track data base". this is baffling. where could I have gone wrong. Help needed.
    from INDIA


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    Looks like it's loaded a older version of the T section dat,just put the latest one back into your global folder you want T section dat 38 or above I think the latest T section dat 42

    It should be in the down load library


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