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Thread: The Southwest Chief: Glorieta Pass

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    Default The Southwest Chief: Glorieta Pass

    This one only took me less then 24 hours to complete. We are now entering the high desert of the southwest. Enjoy!

    This view never gets old, here we are in Las Vegas, NM.

    Denny's sounds good right about now.

    Rolling now.

    Looking back at a very long train.

    Near the summit at Glorieta.

    A helicopter picked-up this shot.

    We meet the eastbound chief for the second time.

    And then a freight behind it.

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    Some wildlife as we descend.

    Ah, more truss bridges.

    Arrival into Lamy.

    Nothing but the desert for a while.

    The river of concrete.

    Finally get into Albuquerque running 40 minutes behind, at least we picked-up some time.

    New Mexico Rail Runner arrives.

    45 Minutes later, we continue,

    Golf anyone?

    And the Rio Grande.

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    We head off into the sun.

    The rest of the pics:

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    Is that a Kodachrome F45 pulling CNJ Blue Comet coaches?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mipman25 View Post
    Is that a Kodachrome F45 pulling CNJ Blue Comet coaches?
    My apologizes, I never saw your post. Yes it is. It is the best representation I could get for the Santa Fe Railway. Just some eye candy.

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    You got me with the bug
    ! lol. I tried to kill it....until!.....LOL

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    Another victim.

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