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Thread: Run8 latest upgrade early dawn shots.

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    Default Run8 latest upgrade early dawn shots.

    Installed the latest update and started early in Mojave heading to Bakersfield:

    11-12-2012 08.57.23.jpg

    11-12-2012 09.00.17.jpg

    11-12-2012 09.00.29.jpg

    11-12-2012 09.00.47.jpg

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    That's when Run8 graphics really "shines" when everythings black.

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    I doubt that there is any other sim in any genre out there with the sunrise and sunset sky that John Greenstone has developed for Run8. In my session early this morning, I asked the participants at about 7:30 am sim time if they wanted to see the sunrise was unanimous so I took an hour and a half off the clock and everybody got to experience the magic again! And that's not to mention spotting the constellations in the night-time sky.

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