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Thread: engine swag?

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    Default engine swag?

    des anyone have any info as to if swag or sway in cabs will be available in msts ever . thanks dudley evans

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    How about using animation in the cabview shape?
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    don't know what you mean vince .please explain

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    I think he is referring to the "Swagger" or "Rocking" of the cab. With the isolated cabs, they probably move quite a bit like the cab on an 18 wheeler.

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    Thanks Don, i know in the railworks games the inside of the bab shifts around a bit so i was wondering if it's available in msts engines say in a utility upgrade or something

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    MSTS doesn't have cab sway; the camera view from the cab is fixed in space and the cab interior is also a static view. There's just no provision in the MSTS code to allow it, not even with BIN.

    Open Rails might be able to someday; for now it's using the same cab view parameters as MSTS so that current models will drop in and run with it. In the future, there can be OR-specific modeling with a much more expanded set of capabilities.


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    The only thing I have ever seen is the engine rocking in the head out view of steam engines by Barry Monroe ( Capt. Bazza ), known as "Bazza Motion". But I can't watch it for long or it rocks me to sleep

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    Maybe with the new OR:0.8.0 2d cab option moving up down they can add rocking depending on a parameter added like the MSTS coupler settings. Or include a modeling part (like mstsbin and doors) representing rocking animation.

    Try the Demo EMDX SD70M test unit in OR but name ending in Sway, maybe it's a possible sign still needing tests but not failing like this.

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