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Thread: Wishful thinking...

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    Wishful thinking for me? A Trainz-style route editor for MSTS. Wouldn't it be so nice being able to just plop down track and connect it together and to create hills with one click of the mouse? Wouldn't it be nice making an entire forest or town in a matter of minutes? Wouldn't it be nice adding or removing a world tile with just one click? Wouldn't it be really nice finishing a 10-mile branchline with a 3-5 mile stretch of mainline as an interchange in a matter of a month or two?

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    Quote Originally Posted by eolesen View Post
    I have a spreadsheet that will create markers a user-defined set of markers between the two points.
    I've used spreadsheets to move markers three thousandths of a degree west. That's the beauty of working in rolling foothills... The Ballast bed is already visible in the terrain!

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    When I am laying track, and wish to get a curve set up just right, I find that the methods mentioned are quite good,
    and I also use a piece of dynamic track, with a long exiting tangent, plus perhaps a 500m piece as well. This way
    I can set the exact radius that I need and then tweek the thing till it fits, but Most of my curves are laid with
    M-tracks because M-tracks has curves that are in degree of curve, up to 10 degrees, and the creator provided
    them, mostly, at 15' intervals, so you have 4 intermediates between full degrees.

    I also find the 500 meter piece especially helpful in laying out a tunnel. For example, I just laid Swannanoa
    Tunnel for a future route, and it is about 2300 feet long on a descending 1.5% grade eastward. I first put a
    50m piece under a hill at a distance away, so that if I deleted the tunnel piece it would not cause problems
    with the .tdb (which is the case if you delete the first piece, ever, as far as I know). Then I was able to tweak
    the 500m piece until 4 of them, end to end, hit the center of the portals on this tangent tunnel. Then the
    500 meter pieces were replaced with tunnel pieces. I never do a save as long as there is a 500 meter piece
    in track, with the exception that if it is far from any tile boundary, the 500m piece will cause no grief.

    J. H. Sullivan
    (aka landnrailroader)

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    I wonder is it would be possible to create a utility "track piece" that is not actually a track piece but behaves like one. Attach it to the last track section but instead of displaying a new track section it would display an image similar to a protractor with various tangents and distances. The points would show the track section needed to reach that point. Then you remove that utility piece and place the appropriate piece.


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    Have you tried Object Rotator (available in the file library ?)

    I've not used this myself, but the author says that amongst other things, it can be used for ..."accurate aiming of tracks or roads between distant points..."

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