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Thread: New Vegetation Available

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    It seems that what they are saying is that if one writes for permission to use their material then they are willing to grant permission. I think all they are asking for is to respect their rights as owners. They may want to make sure that the material is not used for payware, but there again they might be willing to settle on a fair price. They may also want to make sure that the vegetation is not used by competitors who are making Russian routes while very willing to allow route makers to make use of the material for say United States, European, and Japanese routes. My suggestion would be that if someone wants to make use of their vegetation would be to send them a request and see what they say. I've not taken a look at the download site yet, but I have some Russian background and I have Russian neighbors who live all around me who would be able to help with rendering any translation section that is not clear.

    Bob Edwards

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    I do agree w/ Jason: I think these guys simply want to know who might be using there stuff and so they ask you contact them.

    There was another comment above on people getting hot & bothered about IP rights... yeah, that guy has is a valid point too. IMO the vast majhority of persons who have ever created content for MSTS would be perfectly glad to let others use their stuff so long as they're given credit for creating it. But I also suspect there have been a a few "bad apples" who tried to pass off content created by other people as their own and from that point on everybody is on guard.

    For myself, I couldn't give a rat's arse for what the Corporate world thinks about copyright (they bought and paid for their law, let 'em stew in the absurdity of it) but I do care quite a bit about common decency given to our peers and so even if somebody writes a 4 page eula for not very special stuff... as a peer in this hobby I think his opinion on usage should be respected -- payware or freeware.

    Naturally YMMV.
    Dave Nelson

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    Just wondering if anyone has had any luck creating winter/snow versions of any of the trees from Vol. 1 (or anything from any of the other packs for that matter) that they might could share? I'm working on a route in a high latitude and therefore must have snow-covered vegetation, but these vegetation packs are just too good to ignore. Needing good snow-covered pines, firs, etc.

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