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    Default Bugs Reports

    The ORTS team would prefer bugs and other problems with ORTS to be reported here:

    after registering to report them.

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    Default Regarding OR Bugs tracker forum

    Thank you Otto for creating this thread directing users to post reports at the OR bugs tracker forum regarding any bugs they might encounter related to the software. I will thus sticky this thread because of its importance. I would also like to point out that real-time information regarding the status of bugs is available at the bugs tracker forum.

    To the rest of the Train Sim community,

    Once a bug gets reported, a programmer on the team is often usually right on top of the matter addressing it. One way you can help the OR project develop is by submitting your bug reports via the bug tracking forum. However, that forum is not really intended for posting desired and/or missing features. Also, please bare in mind that it might take a while to bring about resoluation to addressing a bug(s).

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    You can also receive an e-mail when the bug status changes so you'll know what's going on.
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