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    I am thinking of getting back into Trainz, having previously had TRS 2004. I have a couple of questions relating to signaling. My focus is North America.

    1) TRS 2004 had a problem with signaling on bidirectional single track. With intermediate signals it would let trains enter from both sides, leading to a stand-off at one of the intermediate signals. Is this fixed in Trainz 2012?

    2) I read on this forum that Trains 2010 had another problem with bidirectional single track. An AI train waiting to enter the single track would lock the switch for its departure, thus preventing the opposing train to enter the other (free) track. I this fixed in Trainz 2012?

    My interest is to run lots of AI trains, and then navigate my train through the traffice. Thus working signaling is quite important.



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    Hi Roger --

    Providing the route is designed to accommodate AI, generally the AI in TS12 manages to work things out quite well by itself.

    There was a problem with a player train running against oncoming AI. The AI would lock the facing point into a crossing loop denying the player train access to the free track.

    This can be overcome using "Signal Link".

    These two videos might be useful:


    The route shown in the first video became "IntenCity"; Signal Link is used in "Krashnburne". Both are on the Trainz Download Station, together with sessions.

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