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Thread: How do I build a consist in TS 2013?

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    A long overdue update: I have found where the blueprint editor is, but still, christrains' tutorial isn't easy to understand. I simply want to know how to build a consist for use in quick drive, and some of the things in his tutorial don't add up. For example, the blueprint editor doesn't even function for me. I'm lost.

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    Would anyone be able to help me? I just wanna know how to make a quickdrive consist.

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    There are various QUICK DRIVE PRELOAD Consists folders in the Railworks\Assets folder, in this case one in the Kuju/RailSimulatorUS\Preload folder using the Default\ES44AC.

    Edit one of it's Preload consists *.BIN files which uses it and replace all it's instances with the Nikos CSX, if you have it.

    Again, a certain level of expertise is required, using the RW_Tools BIN files editing option or the SERZ.exe.

    I shall try to contact Nikos to let me release it from my web site, also having his permission to release my mods of his MAINLINE-LIGHT tracks used by routes on my web site.

    Running Quick Drive routes they can not be edited by changing into the Editors with Ctrl-E !

    Also keep in mind that the next STEAM VERIFY CACHE will overwrite any user modifications so maintaining a BACK-UP of them is essential.

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