I'm going to copy and paste this in a few places, but thought I'd share something.

I'm not much for social media. Though I have been known to text a friend here and there, I find stuff like FaceBook too addictive, and Twitter simply too much useless information. That being said their strengths are to be able to reach out to people no matter where they are, if that is what they want to know.

Prior to the upgrade of Run8 there was an issue of tabbing out of the program to go into email etc. so I used Twitter on my website as a tool to announce sessions and updates etc. Now for those not familiar twitter uses a system where popular words are hashtagged. For example I tried #RTS and unfortunately for me that is used by many as a short form for RT plural as in Retweets. I tried a search on #run8 and sure enough found absolutely nothing. So I decided to bring back my twitter feed on the side bar of my website and will tweet what I'm up to even if I'm not around.

The advantage to this is simple. Once you've signed on in Twitter you can follow people if you chose to. But you really don't have to go there. If people simply tweet a short message with #run8 for example in it, then a search for #run8 will find all recent activity for it. I see many people looking for sessions to join, or not enough players etc. You have the power to use these tools to your advantage if you want to, and it doesn't really matter what server you ultimately decide to go on.

Once you have a Twitter account you don't need to login to other twitter accounts to follow either. It's simply a matter of searching or following each other. You can find out all you need to know within a matter of seconds if it's used as another tool. For me I figure, why not.