Scheduled to run 12 hours Wednesday 11:00 PST, 14:00 EST, 19:00 UT to 23:00 PST, 02:00 EST, 07:00 UT
Server opened to Full RTS members (see website in signature for details). Make sure you have the latest February email blast sent out to your e-mail for password.

On the heals of a great session I'll continue the Wednesday tradition.
Made a couple of clarifications to switching opportunities, but the rest is mostly the same.
TS IS OPTIONAL and I will monitor text as well.
Please use your initials both on TS/Run8(F1 Name option).

Additional info/rules for those using my TeamSpeak server:
Following are the channels being used
BNSF Bakersfield Yard
UP Bakersfield Yard
Kern Jct to Bena
Ilmon to Woodford
Walong to Cable
Cable Xover to Cameron
UP Mojave Yard
Mojave to Silt
Boron to Barstow
BNSF Barstow Yard

Changing Channel Zones
It is recommended that you set up a keybind in Teamspeak that allows you to change channels easily. Overlays are nice but are not required. For example I have CTRL-PGUP to move a channel up and CTRL-PGDN to move a channel down. If you look at the order of the channels they are set up in zones and with a few exceptions are often at the edge of the dispatch display. The purpose of these zones is to isolate chat and allow you to realistically hear people that are close to you. It also isolates dispatcher into towers.

Acceptable use of TeamSpeak
Because of the zones and probably less traffic you can get away with a FEW casual conversations. However please try to keep non-prototypical conversations to the Lobby channel or text chat only. It is recommended that you call signals that are not clear.

Toning Dispatcher
You will automatically have crew access when joining. In order to get my attention and in the proper channel you will be required to TONE the dispatcher to speak to me. This is achieved by using DMTF *54 on the radio in the cab. I will then come over to your tower. A text message is also sent where you are in the queue, please be patient.

Trains Availability, how to bid
Due to the nature of 24/7 server, car switching/status, and other factors train availability can change with little or no notice. Majority of trains listed here that do not switch do not fall into this, and are not an issue. Keep in mind anything in the system can be made available ahead of time. I can also except spawned trains within reasonable power and length not exceeding 8000 feet.

I've also indicated any trains that may require switching via a switch list, or those that can be freely switched. Any train not indicating either does not switch and simply runs from end to end.

Trains & Positions Available
Train Pools lengths and HP/Ton available on my website
BNSF Bakersfield Yard Crew (Switch list, may also run interchanges to SJVR Kern Jct and West)
BNSF Bakersfield Edison Local (Switch List)
BNSF Bakersfield Road Switcher to Barstow (M-BAKBAR with work at Mojave per switch list)
BNSF Bakersfield Manifest to Barstow (M-STOBAR, H-PASBAR, H-MODSEL, M-MODBAR, X-RICCNB)
BNSF Bakersiield IM to Barstow (Q-STOCHI, Z-FRSCHI, Q-RICALT)
UP Bakersfield Yard Crew (Switch list, may also run interchanges to BNSF)
UP Bakersfield Edison Local (Switch List)
UP Bakersfield Road Switcher to West Colton (Fleta) (M-BKWC with work at Mojave per switch list)
UP Bakersfield Manfiest to Yermo (Barstow) (MBKYR, MFRYR)
UP Bakersfield Manifest to West Colton (Fleta) (MRVEP1, MFRWC)
UP Bakersfield IM to West Colton (Fleta) (ZEUCC)
UP Bakersfield IM to Yermo (Barstow) (IOASC)
SJVR Bakersfield Yard Crew (Switch List, may also run interchanges to SJVR Magunden and North)
UP Mojave Yard Crew (Switch list, may also run interchanges to Lone Pine and Oak Creek)
UP Mojave Tehachipi Turn (Switch List)
UP West Colton (Fleta) Road Switcher (M-WCBK with work at Mojave per switch list)
UP West Colton (Fleta) IM (ZCCEU, ILBOA)
US Borax Switcher (Does not have switch list and can be freely switched)
BNSF Barstow Yard Crew(s) (Does not have switch list and can be freely switched)
BNSF Barstow Boron Local (Does not have switch list and can be freely switched)
UP Yermo (Barstow) Manifest to Bakersfield (MLVFR)
UP Yermo (Barstow) Road Switcher to Bakersfield (MYRBK with work at Mojave per switch list)
UP Yermo (Barstow) IM to Bakersfield (IGB10A,QYMFR2)
Any other trains can be spawned on advance notice. Some trains will also be available on the mainline for shorter runs or extra board etc.

Bid Process
Reply to this message on Run8, Train-Sim, or RTS
Please indicate approximate start time and length of time available for planning purposes.
Bids will be accepted up to about an hour before start time.
E-mail will be sent out to all members who have bid provided there is enough members to warrant a session (at least 6 running at any given time).
I may make a go or no go decision and announce after midnight Wednesday.

Next planned session
Planning on next session on the weekend of the 15th (I'm thinking something big may already be happening, but I'll standby). Wednesday the 20th will also be available.