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Thread: ZDSimulator Updates

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    Default ZDSimulator Updates

    This thread will serve as a news section. I will be constantly updating it when we have some news to share, big or small.

    12 February 2013

    Routes Section Updated
    Addons section of our website has been recently updated with extra routes! Here's a link:
    There are a few patches for existing routes that improve some of their visual elements, download links for those will be provided a bit later.

    Also scenarios are coming next week.

    Content editors translation and more
    The proper translation campaign has started. We will have to do a lot of work to make all the in-game text strings more user-friendly (understandable) and prepare Content Editors for use in English. More of the existing documentation will also be translated. Right now we're having minor technical difficulties with bugs that are also being worked on. We expect this whole process to take up to a month or so, which means we'll probably see the next version of ZDSimulator released by mid March.

    We'll keep you updated on this very topic, dates are a subject to change due to unforseen difficulties.
    ZDSimulator Developer Team

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    This is a wrong topic for this kind of questions. However, since I am not a moderator and don't have an opportunity to sort this forum, I will answer here.

    1. If you want to upgrade to a new version simply install a new one over previous and use your old key. Everything should work just fine.

    2. At this point operation manuals are only available in Russian. But if you do read Russian, here's the link to a download directory where you can find multiple manuals for different locos: ChS4t, ChS8, VL82m, ChS4KVR:

    As for general and locomotive specific controls, there currently is a manual that can be accessed from zdsimulator.exe ("Manual" button) - v. 4.9.5.

    3. As for routes that come in a rar archive, simply extract them to routes folder found in the root directory of ZDSimulator. They should come in a separate folder that contains all the necessary route files.
    ZDSimulator Developer Team

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    Default Apologies, new version delayed

    16 March 2013
    New version delayed
    Due to a large amount of orders from our partners we have been extremely busy this month assembling and testing railway simulators for real life railway organizations and didn't have enough time to address all the existing problems in ZDSimulator. Thus the new version will be delayed. We hoped to finish it by mid March, but now we have no ETA on when it arrives.

    As soon as we get closer to finishing it we'll inform you. Thank you for your patience.
    ZDSimulator Developer Team

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    Default Version 4.9.6 has been released!

    22nd May 2013

    New version of ZDSimulator has been released
    The new version 4.9.6 is out! We expected it to be finished sooner but a lot of complications popped up in the process which delayed the release. We are now starting to work on v4.9.7 and will take into consideration all of your remarks. Feedback is welcome.

    Direct Download Link

    List of Changes in v4.9.6

    With the new version your authorization codes will change and you'll need to update activation keys as well. For those of you who purchased full version on our website earlier try requesting a new key using this form:

    If you are unable to send the request via the webform mail us your new authorization code. Make sure to use the email address you used on purchase so we can recognize you. Alternatively you can tell us your name. Our contact email is [email protected]
    ZDSimulator Developer Team

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    Thanks for this news and update, Kernell.

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    Great news! Though I'll have to wait a few days as the Internet connection where I am is down -- Lightning strike took out some equipment on a utility pole in a storm the other day, and I'm stuck reading the forums on an iPhone...

    Looking forward to giving it a try; thanks in advance for the excellent work on this sim!


    With Open Rails and ZDSimulator

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    Default Upcoming v4.9.7 and Kiev-Shevchenko Route

    Hello everyone, I'm stopping by with a quick update.

    Version 4.9.7 was finished a week ago and the reason it hasn't been published on the English website yet is because we decided to refine the translation within the routes and polish a new preinstalled route.

    In the next version we'll have Vyazma-Smolensk route replaced with Kiev-Shevchenko, which is much more refined and of higher quality (gaming wise) in our opinion. Kiev - Shevchenko will come preinstalled and Vyazma-Smolensk will become downloadable from our website. Kiev-Shevchenko route is not completely developed yet - we still have about 48 kilometers (30 miles) to build, but it's perfectly playable.

    Here are some screenshots of the stations we recently built on Kiev-Shevchenko:

    We expect to publish an English release of v4.9.7 in about a week or two tops. Those of you who have earlier versions will need to update the client and the keys. The upcoming update is free of course.

    See you soon!
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    ZDSimulator Developer Team

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    Default New update for ZDSimulator - v4.9.7 released

    Hello everyone,

    I am pleased to announce the release of ZDSimulator v4.9.7. The new update contains a few minor bug fixes and some cosmetic changes. In addition to that we decided to replace Vyazma-Smolensk trail with a more refined route: Kiev-Shevchenko. It is more detailed and fitting for simulation purposes, and we are constantly working on its improvements. Kiev-Shevchenko is not fully complete yet (we have 48 more kilometers to build) but that doesn't make it less playable. Vyazma-Smolensk will become downloadable from our addons section while Kiev-Shevchenko will now come preinstalled. Also I'd like to apologize for a mistake I've made in my previous announcement regarding the Moscow-Kaluga trail, actually it's Vyazma-Smolensk that's getting replaced.

    Direct download link

    Full list of changes

    You will need to update your activation keys. Email us your new authorization codes and we'll issue new keys shortly.

    Feel free to comment, we value your opinion!
    ZDSimulator Developer Team

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    Default is back online

    ZDSimulator website is back online

    Since the beginning of July we have been dealing with hackers and DDoS attacks on our website and our hosting providers. Our website was down for about a week and after sleepless nights we are back online.

    We can now proceed working on the next version which we expect to finish in several weeks. More info to come.
    ZDSimulator Developer Team

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    Just an FYI, if you visit the site in an iOS mobile browser, it automatically redirects to an app store ad/download page. If you cancel out, it then redirects to Google instead. Doesn't happen in a regular browser, or if I set my mobile browser to report the user-agent as a regular PC browser. Something is still hooked to the user-agent detection when a browser lands on the page.


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