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Thread: Harvest Heavyweight, New type of Mexican Stand-off

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    Question Harvest Heavyweight, New type of Mexican Stand-off

    So I was running Harvest Heavyweight on SLI's Seligman 2.0 (BNSF) and came across an interesting event, at mile marker 472 I passed a permissive restricting aspect, not a big deal on this railroad, but at mile marker 473.5 I had a STOP indication. To my dismay an AI that passed me at Peach Springs was stopped at this red and I had to stop short of him. Is this supposed to happen? Here is the Standoff: scrgrb4.jpg

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    Hi, this has been discussed in a thread over at the SLI forums.

    However, the activity played out a little different for me: when the AI train passed me at Peach Springs, the signal did not clear after 5 minutes, so I did the "shuffle". I also catched up to the AI train but it used the crossover before Truxton (somewhere around MP476) to the South track and disappeared. After this I could continue the activity without problem. I'm not sure what the root cause is here, but I believe if you wait long enough at Peach Springs (> 5 minutes) after the AI passes you, you can avoid the standoff.

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    OK thank you, I will be sure to wait much longer next time!

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    Where Standard Gauge is 3 feet between the rails.


    Interesting. Have you tried the activity in Open Rails?


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