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Thread: Surfliner 2: Something Different

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    One of the many hidden gems in the Surfliner 2 route, the San Diego Trolley. Some POV shots I took on a quick run.

    Arriving into Union Station.

    Loaded up and ready to depart.

    Cruising out of downtown.

    Someone waiting for southbound train took this one.

    Just got out of the car at Old Town.

    Walk-up from the other side.

    Next few shots are from same photographer of "various" trains.

    And finally one from an office building.

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    Pretty good shots. Very realistic representation along the BNSF line from what I remember when I was out in San Diego about 4 years ago.
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    Good shots! Here's some more. Coaster this time.

    Traversing a "canyon" outside of San Diego.

    Crossing over some wetlands.

    And the parking garage in Oceanside.

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