As I've said I was gone for a few days and am actually trying to relax and catch up on the limited stuff on my DVR before diving back into things later tonight or possibly tomorrow.

Before I had left my website was down, and I did copy the mailing list as according to Webs.Com my account had expired (which is true because I canceled the paid portion due to outages I did not like). In it my website was no longer visible however I still could update it. They said I was over bandwidth and in jeopardy of having my website removed. At that point I figured it was the end.

Apparently the bandwidth totals and expiry did not match and in fact I was only over because I still had plenty of content on there. As such I'm going to make some changes to reduce bandwidth as much as possible and update in the next 24 hours on my website. Besides I'm due for my Friday update and it should be a good one.